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As a result, every case interview begins with some sort of problem structuring challenge. This is a critical area of the case interview to process to practice. The secret to great problem structuring is applying the MECE principle: mutually exclusive, completely exhaustive. Your first instinct might be to think of all the use cases for car rentals: business trips, replacement cars for when yours is at the mechanic, foreign tourists needing cars, domestic tourists needing cars, etc.

One approach would be to enumerate all of the potential use cases and estimate each individually and then sum them up. However, there are downsides with this approach because it involves doing a lot of individual estimates.

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Additionally, what happens if you forget a critical segment? Your whole estimate will be off! A better approach is to apply the MECE principle. Using MECE, you might consider all of those examples but look for mutually exclusive buckets to put them in. For example, all of the above examples could fit into business rentals and non-business rentals. To recap, not all preparation for case interviews is created equal.

Survey: Consulting firm McKinsey boasts toughest job interviews

Rather than jumping right in and doing tons of mock interviews, first consider the key skills in the consulting firms are looking. Second, start building your skills in each key area. In the meantime, if you want to dig further into the MECE principle on problem solving, you can find a detailed write up on that here. He has successfully navigated hundreds of case interviews himself and believes that the case interview is an important recruiting tool that helps simulate the on the job experience.

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The case for digital reinvention | McKinsey

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So which skill sets matter? Analytical: Problem structuring Structured problem solving is a critical part of the consulting toolkit and thus, a critical part of the interview as well. Next steps To recap, not all preparation for case interviews is created equal. Recommended Articles. Newsletter Subscribe to the Vault Newsletter.

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Insight #1: The market values a McKinsey BTO background as much as McKinsey Strategy

Environmental Science and Conservation. Event Planning. Facilities Management. Fashion and Apparel. Fire Fighting.

Fitness and Sports Training and Coaching. Food and Beverage Production. Foreign Languages and Studies. Foreign Trade. Forestry and Forest Products. General Consumer Products. The report has been compiled by a new division called McKinsey Design, which will advise firms on design strategy.

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Sheppard defined design as "understanding the needs of your users, then creating products and services that meet those needs". Design professionals have long understood the value of design, Sheppard added, but have lacked the quantitative and qualitative data to back up their views and convince senior management. Sheppard said McKinsey's interest in design has been driven by clients, who are increasingly asking how to embrace the discipline following a decade in which developing digital strategy and controlling costs have been the key business obsessions.

McKinsey has responded by building a design-consulting division of over people, including employees of California design studio Lunar, which the consultant acquired in , and Swedish studio Veryday, which it bought in The Business Value of Design report contains insights from five years of research, which has been distilled into a metric called McKinsey Design Index, which will be launched online next month.

Companies will be able to use this to benchmark their design capabilities. The index contains a dozen "design actions" that are shared by the most successful companies.

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Practice the case studies. Prepare with a It consists of 26 questions, is based on real client cases, and no business background is required. Sample tests of. Digital technology, despite its seeming ubiquity, has only begun to penetrate marketing and distribution channels, business processes, supply chains, and new . This picture, combining the data for all of the industries we studied, reveals.